On vacation with NCC!

Have you recently landed in one of the Milan airports (Malpensa or Linate) or in Orio al Serio and are you looking for a comfortable, fast and above all safe way to get around?

Or, are you planning your trip to central-northern Italy and you want to know how to get around once you arrive?

transfert aeroporto

 Discover the Ncc Service, Guidoo!

Are you ready to experience a dream vacation in Italy?
Start with the journey!

Dear traveler, the most comfortable and safe way you have today to move from one place to another in these areas and enjoy 100% of your holiday in Italy is the choice of an NCC.

Do you want to know why? Don’t worry, I’m about to reveal everything to you!

With our NCC service you will have at your disposal a Personal Driver who will pick you up at the airport or station and then take you to the destination you need to reach without you having to worry about anything.

Connections with trains, buses, shuttles? Absolutely not!
All you have to do is just:

  • make a call before leaving
  • communicate your flight or train number
  • estimated arrival time.

In this way we will know the approximate time to arrive, but if your plane or train were to be delayed, don’t worry, we will keep us personally updated!

As soon as you arrive, your Personal Driver will pick you up.
More than this?

In addition to this, there are many other pluses in choosing to travel with Guidoo rather than by public transport, transfer or a simple taxi.

Let’s see together the advantages of choosing to rely on one of our Personal Drivers.

Do you want to enjoy a carefree juorney?

P as Personalization

Driver Guidoo alla guida

What we have created is a car rental service with a driver that can be customized in every detail to meet your every need.

We are based on the idea that we are not all the same, which is why every traveler has the right to have their needs met.

Our vehicles are comfortable, the staff is empathetic and competent, the travel planning is precise and guarantees maximum punctuality.

All this has always characterized us and makes us appreciated throughout the national territory.

Our professional drivers are at your complete disposal, they know and follow your travel and displacement needs, allowing you to fully customize your travel experience with us.

We believe it is important to give you maximum freedom of choice, giving you the possibility to:

  • select the soundtrack of your trip, to listen to quietly in the car;
  • indicate the language of your Personal Driver and / or have an interpreter available. In fact, our personal drivers are fluent in several foreign languages: English, German, Chinese and Arabic;
  • request your favorite newspaper or magazine, for you and anyone traveling with you (colleagues, friends or children);
  • opting for a sedan or a minivan, to travel more comfortably;
  • choose a quick trip or opt for a scenic route.

In short, what we offer you is not just a travel service but a real experience that will help make your trip to Italy unique and unforgettable.

Do you have any other requests?
We are ready to welcome all of them!

Are you ready to customize your trip?

A single driver for several trips

If your trip to Italy includes several stops, you can also take advantage of our daily service: with this service you can choose to travel to destinations that are also very distant from each other, without having to worry about taking different means of transport and checking train connections.

The driver of a simple taxi would take you from point A to B and does not foresee stops or waits in other places.

With a NCC driver you can instead request an hourly service that allows you to make stops in different places before eventually reaching your final destination.

Guess what this means? Zero stress!

In fact, your Personal Driver will know in advance all the movements you need to make during the day and will be ready to take you from one destination to another in the most preferred times and will wait for you during your stops.

Wherever you want to go, we will accompany you: discover for example the Ncc Milan, Ncc Bergamo or those to / from the various lakes including Ncc Lake Como, Ncc Lake Garda and Ncc Lake Iseo.

Another advantage is the transparency on prices: when you call to book your service and provide all the information on the movements you need, you can immediately know the final price.

In this way you will not find yourself spending the trip worrying about the taximeter and a price that rises more and more based on the time or kilometers traveled and you will enjoy your holiday 100%!

For example, you have just landed at an airport and need to reach other Italian airports or cities, our NCC Linate, NCC Malpensa and NCC Orio al Serio services are certainly for you, thanks to which you can enjoy a unique and exclusive travel experience.

Do you want to request a daily service?

Sanitized cars and compliance with anti Covid-19 measures

Especially in this period of Health Emergency when traveling by public transport can be risky, Guidoo offers you greater safety and peace of mind.

All our cars are in fact sanitized and guarantee compliance with the anti Covid-19 spacing measures.

In this way you will travel peacefully and without unnecessary worries that could ruin your well-deserved vacation!

On vacation with Guidoo

In short, if you want to finally give yourself a little relaxation and be thoughtless at least for a few days, Guidoo is right for you!

This is thanks to the exclusive and personalized service that one of our drivers can guarantee you also ensuring you greater attention before and during the transport.

Are you ready to go? Pack your bags!