Situated near Brescia and near the Iseo lake, the Franciacorta is an area full of traditions, history and who has a great natural heritage.

Franciacorta doesn’t mean only wine and wine cellars: this area turns aout to be attractive not only for its history but also from the point of view of th business for its industrial tradition.

NCC Franciacorta

Do you want to discover this amazing area characterized by immense expanses of vineyards? Do you need a driver who will remain at your disposal during the day and who will be your reference point for your stay in Franciacorta?

Guidoo has arrived: the whole of series! Get in the car and your personal driver will escort you everywhere! At your arrival, you will find a competent and friendly driver who can speak fluently the language that you prefer between english, german, chinese and arabic.

Which are the features of our service?

  • Punctualy : our drivers known perfectly the streets to follow to help you to reach your destination on time;
  • Professionality: competence and reliability are the additional values of our company;
  • Competitive price: our ncc service has a fixed price according at the moment of booking and it’s cheaper than the taxi;
  • Berline and Minivan: we have the vehicle more usefull for your needs.

For your pleasure or working trip, Guidoo will give you a precise and punctual service. You’ll have just to enjoy these wonderful places!