Guidoo: your personal driver

We all have needs.

When we travel and we move, alone or in company, our needs increase, they become different, they change. From this simple observation comes Guidoo, the car rental service with drivers based on the idea of personal driver.


Guidoo sedans and minivan are equipped by accessories and services designed specifically to give the passenger less thoughts and more relaxation.

Kids Safety

We provide upon reservation the car seat service of all ages.

Full Optional

Magazine supply, USB socket and Wi-Fi on board.

Travel More Conveniently

Refreshing wipe, drinks and candies.​

Car rental with driver: the comfort in a journey

Are you looking for a car rental service with drivers for a pleasure travel, on business or for visit a city?

Our NCC service makes available to companies and private professional and trusted drivers for transfer service from and to airports, car rental service with drivers for events, meeting, exhibitions, to accompany you in the main cities of the Lombardy, like Bergamo and Milano and to visit the enchanting beauty of lakes of Como, Garda and Iseo.

We have created a car rental service with drivers that can be personalized in every details to make you feel confortable. Comfortable means of transport, empathic and competent staff, careful planning of the movement that always characterized us and make us appreciated by all the country.

A universe of options at your disposal, designed on your dreams, with no more worry about the trip. This is Guidoo!

Our philosophy is based on all standard.

infact, during a travel with the personalized Guidoo’s NCC service, you’ll be able to rest before an important meeting, you can work using your device, you can read documents or a journal, or you can just listening your favourite music and talk with your travel mates.

The plus of the Guido’s car rental service with drivers

With Guidoo, the costumization is guaranteed. We offer a car rental service with drivers based on the idea that we’re not all alike and for this reason every journey has always something different.

We think that is really important to give you as much freedom of choice as possible, with the possibility of:

  • Select the soundtrack of your trip, to quite happily listen it in the car;
  • Indicate the language of your Personal Driver and/or have an interpreter available. Infact, our personal driver can fluently speak different foreign languages; english, german, chinese and arabic;
  • Request your favourite journal or magazine, for you and for whoever is travelling with you (colleagues, friends or children);
  • Choose between a berlina or a minivan, to travel more confortable;
  • Choose between a quick route or a panoramic one.

And if you have other requests, we are ready to embrace it.
because with Guidoo the personalized level is never ending until you want it.

NCC Guidoo: a driver who takes care of you

The Guido’s NCC drivers are real drivers: they are ready to give you a unique travel experience.

Professional Driver at your disposal, who will understand and follow your travel necessity, allowing you to customize your travel experience with us.

Trust, safety and competence

We love to travel with people we trust.
if you have already travel with Guidoo, you can find back the same driver every new trip.

Anyway, you will be entrusted to a reference personal driver, selected according to the characteristics of your travel and you will know his/her name first.

You can recognize them from the uniform, they are discreet and energetic. Every personal driver is at your own disposal.

Travel with the Guidoo’s NCC driver

Choosing Guidoo for your NCC personalized service, you’ll trust a real ncc professional driver.

Professional driver, members of the register of the non-line public service, who love to travel and to drive, friendly, empathetic and competent: this is the Guidoo’s personal drivers identikit.

Our personal drivers will welcome you from the starting point to the destination, bringing you on time and without unexpected.

Just enjoy the fun part of travel with Guidoo, experience the revolution of the ncc personal driver.

Entrusted to our personal drivers, professional drivers at your own disposal.

Leave with our personal driver, choose Guidoo!