Daily Driver Service

Do you have to travel for work and go to different and far away places on the same day?

Our NCC service is what you need!

We offer you a personal driver who is going to take care of you all day long by driving you to your destinations.
You won’t have to worry about anything, instead, you will optimise your time. 

All you’ve always looked for when it comes to transfer, you can find it on Guidoo.

We have selected the best drivers to get you at your destination on time and without any rush.

There are many advantages when choosing to travel with Guidoo, instead of traveling by public transportations or taxi cab.

Let’s find out together all the advantages of deciding to rely on one of our Personal Drivers!

Same Driver for different rides

Thanks to Guidoo car rental service, you can travel for work reaching different locations without worrying about calling several taxi cabs or checking the trains’ schedules to get to work on time. 

A regular taxi driver brings the client from spot A to spot B but he doesn’t stop in the middle of a ride or wait in different places.

Instead, with a NCC driver you have the possibility to choose a time service that gets you the chance to stop in along your journey before reaching your final destination. 

With just one call, you will organize your day fully getting rid of all the stress: your Personal Driver will know all your movements in advance and he will be ready to drive you from one destination to another shortly, also he will be waiting for you while you are busy and he will offer you an impeccable and comfortable service. 

Wherever you want to go, we will accompany you: discover the Ncc Milan, Ncc Bergamo or those to / from the various lakes including Ncc Lago di Como, Ncc Lago di Garda and Ncc Lago d’Iseo.

Another advantage of Guidoo is the transparency on prices: when you call to book your service and provide all the information on the movements you need, you can immediately know the final price.

In this way you will not find yourself spending the journey worrying about the taximeter and a price that rises more and more based on the time or kilometers traveled.

And remember: for long, multi-destination journeys, this can make a big difference!

What are you waiting for?

If, on the other hand, you have just landed at an airport and need to reach other Italian airports or cities, our NCC Linate, NCC Malpensa and NCC Orio al Serio services are made for you, thanks to them, you can enjoy a unique and exclusive travel experience.

With Guidoo you don’t waste even a second of your time!

Are you an entrepreneur and for you time is money?

We know it!

By not having to drive and not having to worry about anything, you can take advantage of the time it takes to reach your destination as you prefer.

Thanks to our personalized service, during the journey from one destination to another, you can:

  • rest
    prepare for your appointment by working with your device (all our cars are in fact equipped with a USB socket and Wi-Fi connection)
  • read documents or newspapers
  • listen to your favorite music

Are you ready to save your precious time?

Sanitized cars and compliance with anti Covid-19 measures

Do you want to travel safely?

Especially in this period of Health Emergency when traveling by public transport can be risky, Guidoo offers you greater safety and peace of mind.

All our cars are in fact sanitized and guarantee compliance with the anti Covid-19 spacing measures.

In this way you will travel calmly and without unnecessary worries that could make you less performing during your work appointments.

Personalization at the highest level!

What we have created is a car rental service with personal driver that can be customized in every detail to meet your every need.

In fact, we are based on the idea that we are not all the same, which is why every traveler has the right to have their needs met.

Our vehicles are comfortable, the staff empathetic and competent, the travel planning is precise and guarantees maximum punctuality.

All this has always characterized us and makes us appreciated throughout the national territory.

Our professional drivers are at your complete disposal, they collect, understand and follow your travel and displacement needs, allowing you to fully customize your travel experience with us.

We believe it is important to give you maximum freedom of choice, giving you the possibility to:

  • select the soundtrack of your trip, to listen to quietly in the car;
  • indicate the language of your Personal Driver and / or have an interpreter available. Our personal drivers, in fact, fluently speak several foreign languages: English, German, Chinese and Arabic;
  • request your favorite newspaper or magazine, for you and anyone traveling with you (colleagues, friends or children);
  • opting for a sedan or a minivan, to travel more comfortably;
  • choose a quick trip or opt for a scenic route.

And if you have any other requests, we are ready to welcome them!
Because with Guidoo the level of customization is never completed until you want it.

Are you ready to call your Personal Driver?

This is why you must choose Guidoo: the exclusive and personalized service that one of our drivers can grant you ensures you greater attention before and during transport.