Upgrade your travels

A new way of moving is born with Guidoo, for business or pleasure.
A flexible patner, that suits your pace and that brings you wherever you want, whenever you want.

We could bet on our cars but we decided to bet on you.

With us you could reach every place you desire and be sure to live a serene, pleasant and excellent journey.

You decide the destination, the music, the paper.

And then you just have to enjoy the best part of the journey.

The Personal Driver

In so many years of activity we have understood two things.

The first one is that trust is based on knowledge, and that’s why you’ll be entrusted to a professional reference who, if you want to, you could find again in your next trip. 

The second one is that the journey is an unique experience for each of us.

On a car you must feel free to work, to read, to relax or to chat.

The idea of giving to you a personalized service starts from here: from the need to be understood in our day life.

We're not all the same

With Guidoo the costumization is ensured.
We consider it important to give you the maximum freedom of choice.

Professional Drivers

They’re not simple drivers, but real personal drivers who will escort you during all your journey.

Customized Experience

It’s our obsession. Our goal is to give you an unique and pleasant experience.

Stay Connected

No problem of Wi-fi. All our vehicles are equipped with a stable connection. With us you can navigate without thoughts.

"I’m far more that a simple driver, I’m your personal driver"

Luca T.

Guidoo Personal Driver


Business travel is one thing, doing tourists is another.

With us you could choose a professional who escort your clients at workshop or business meetings, or you can take advantage of our partnership with travel agencies and enjoy the beauties of our territory.

Clear agreements, serene journeys.


f you travel for work you may need specific services like planning of commercial trips or the advice of an interpreter.

Even in this case we can help you.